Findings System

Spot problems early and share it to the relevant team to speed up problem solving with our “Findings” feature in Mobile Inspection System.

Finding Photo Capturing
Location Tagging
Finding Categorization
PIC Assignment
Report & Notification

Inspection System

Get visibility of field condition from block inspection routine.

Line Photo Capturing
Inspection Items based on Tree Maturity
Inspector Selfie
Inspection Report
Graphical Map Summary
Push Email


Finding System

  • List of early warnings of findings to be followed up
  • An elegant way of ensuring that problems are spotted early and taken care off before it becoming a much larger problem. In a simulation, prevention of pest development alone can save Billions of Rupiah worth of planting & upkeep investment
  • Fixing production related issues (i.e. fixing broken bridge) bridge), can help improving productivity of harvesting with direct impact to Revenue Generation

Inspection System

  • Visibility of Block Conditions
  • Has an elegant way to enforce block condition checking routine
  • Has better understanding and bases for maintenance proposal & budget development